For three generations Industrias Tobía's been manufacturing sleep systems for people to rest, recharge energy, create bonds and interact.

"Natural Sleep™ is sleeping without additives, in a natural way, as we do in our mother's womb."

We want to promote moments of connection and show our commitment to those who get up early and those who stay up late, the sleepy heads and the lazy, we want to fill them all with energy so that their days are more complete.

If we also want to do it for much longer, we have to be environmentally responsible, make it easier for tradition and innovation to go hand in hand and build bridges to facilitate the circularity of the system. We want to promote moments of connection and show our commitment to those who get up early and those who sleepyheads and lazy people, we all want to fill them with energy so that their days are more complete.

If we also want to do it for much longer, we have to be environmentally responsible, make it easier for tradition and innovation to go hand in hand and build bridges to facilitate the circularity of the system.

End of the 50s. Our beginnings

The origin of Industrias Tobia dates back to the late 50s of the last century, thanks to the innovative spirit of its founder Rufino Tobía who began by weaving mesh in his workshop on Los Baños de Logroño street. Since then, the balance between tradition, care for the product and innovation have been the DNA of the company.

1962. Mesh bed frame, new factory

The factory is moved to the current location and the manufacturing of mesh bed bases begins. Thanks to the rapid expansion, offices are opened in Alicante, Granada, Seville, Malaga, Pamplona, San Sebastián, Valencia and finally Barcelona.

Beginning of the 70s. Slatted bed bases and Epoxy paint

Industrias Tobía designs and markets its first vaporized beech slatted bed base, also being pioneers in the use of Epoxi™ powder paint (anti-scratch) in its products.

1986. Second generation

Rufino Tobia hands over the baton to four of his children and the company becomes the current Industrias Tobia S.A.

1989. Pioneers in the manufacture of the electric articulated bed base

Industrias Tobía designs its first electric articulated bed base, a product that contributes to generating strategic alliances with producers of foamed latex cores and its mass marketing in the Spanish market.

2002. Spaldin® brand

Industrias Tobía creates the Spaldin® brand, a seal that responds to new business challenges.

2002. Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP)

The company is part of the SCRAP Ecoembes® to contribute economically and responsibly to the correct management of the plastic and cardboard packaging of our products, giving them a second life or turning them into energy resources, being part of the value chain and the circularity of the system.

2006. Start of internationalization

First exports to European countries and South America, culminating in the first participation in the Las Vegas Market fair, the most important in the sector, and the incorporation of the North American subsidiary, Spaldin Sleep Systems, Inc. in 2008, hand in hand with sales of the most largest mattress chains in the USA, Canada and later in 2010 Mexico.

2010. Natural Sleep™

The Spaldin® brand takes a qualitative leap with the creation of new signs of visual identity and corporate identity. It is more than a corporate adaptation, it is a course to follow.

2011. Mercurio Marketing Award

Awarded for having managed to create a brand and position it in a market as mature as that of bedding and for having been the only European manufacturer that has managed to enter the largest bedding chains in the US and Canada.

2011. EPOSbed® Intelligent Hospital Bed)

Development of a prototype of an intelligent hospital bed with automatic positioning for patients with reduced mobility within the VII Framework Program for R&D of the EU. The EPOSbed® project, led by Spaldin, was selected by the European Commission, during the Brussels Innovation Convention 2012, as one of the 50 best European innovation projects.

2012 - 2023. Certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I

We are the first Spanish rest company to obtain it, being rigorously renewed every year, as well as the first to introduce it in the US. This certificate ensures a rest environment totally free of harmful chemical substances and harmful VOC's. Each of the components we use and all the products meet the requirements.

2013. Chamber of Commerce Internationalization Award

Industrias Tobía was awarded for its export work and being a benchmark in the world of La Rioja business. The award recognizes the efforts and merits obtained by the company, in its desire to adapt to the new challenges of the economy, marked by the processes of globalization.

2013 - 2023. Member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (501c6)

Spaldin Sleep System Inc. is a member of a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices throughout the home furnishings industry.

2014. New permanent showroom at Las Vegas Furniture Market

Spaldin Sleep System Inc. designs and permanently establishes a showroom in Las Vegas Market as a space for the presentation of its novelties and the establishment of commercial relations in the main international markets.

2015. Company authorized by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products ·AEMPS nº 6453-PS·

Industrias Tobia goes a step further after being accredited as an authorized manufacturer of Sanitary products in the modality of hospital and geriatric beds.

2018. Acquisition of the Dicon® brand

Industria Tobía purchases the rights to manufacture and market Dicon® brand products.

2020. Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional

Industrias Tobía receives support from the European Regional Development Fund for the acquisition of new facilities and civil works, located in the La Yasa industrial estate in Albelda de Iregua, La Rioja, to meet the storage and manufacturing needs of mattresses.

2021-2023. IoTopper Proyect

Development of an intelligent IoT Topper and its corresponding big data platform and AI algorithms for non-intrusive and real-time monitoring of vital signs during rest and determination of certain indicators related to health and sports.

Our IoTopper project participates in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan:

'2021 call for aid for research and development projects in artificial intelligence and other digital technologies and their integration into value chains.'

2023-NOW. Rule ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

International Certificate ISO 9001:2015 + ISO 14001:2015 in our mattress and pillow factory.

Accreditations that align with our commitment to quality and sustainability.

That distinguish us by achieving a balance between our objectives and their environmental impact.

Certifications are valid for 5 years, audited annually.

Premio Ennova Health 2023

Award for the project 'Smart mattress for the diagnosis of sleep disorders 2023'

This innovative system aims to develop and validate a technological product that allows its use in the home environment and that could be used as a method to evaluate sleep quality, both in the general population and in specific groups such as high-performance athletes.

The project is coordinated by the La Rioja Biomedical Research Center (CIBIR) in collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Sleep Unit of the Pulmonology Service of the San Pedro University Hospital, Industrias Tobía S.A. and the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER).


From January 9 to 12, 2024, the rezet topper product was presented at the prestigious international CES fair, Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) Las Vegas, where it has been recognized within the 2024 Innovation Awards, Innovation Awards 2024 Honoree, in the Sport & Fitness category.


The rezet topper product is collected within the IoTopper project that participates in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


We celebrate the launch of the new Entire booth from February 28 to 1, 2024 at the Las Vegas World Market Center.

It is a completely new design that projects Industrias Tobía in the face of the challenges of sleep and health.

Las Vegas Market 2024. New stand.

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